Let's Celebrate!!! 
100th Anniversary 
Dallas Women's Golf Association
Solheim Cup Style Competition

Date:  October 5, 2020

Location: Maridoe

Format: Four-ball and singles matches going on concurrently 

Two teams of 12 players. 
Captains for 2020 are President, Debbie MacDonald, and Parliamentarian, Terry Widmer

Eligibility: Current DWGA champion is automatically eligible.
 The rest of the competitors are chosen based on a point system
which awards participation and results in certain DWGA events.
The events used will be playdays and the Championship Tournament.

Candy Arnold is keeping the point accumulating totals. 
Contact Candy if you have a question regarding your points.

Participation Point Accumulation: 
A minimum of 5 participation points is required to qualify. 
Players get one participation point for each payday and for the Championship tournament and any single player tournament added by DWGA designated to qualify.

Results Point Accumulation:
Players will earn points for 1st through 5th place in the above events as follows:
12 points - Low gross or net in field on play day
10 points - 1st gross or net in flight on play day or in tournament
8 points - 2nd gross or net in flight on play day or in tournament
6 points - 3rd gross or net in flight on play day or in tournament
4 points - 4th in Championship Tournament Only
2 points - 5th in Championship Tournament Only


The participation points and winning points will be added together for the final score. 
Ties will be broken by:
1. Having no unexcused late cancels or no shows, 
2. Participation in current year's Championship tournament, 
3. Participation in last year's Championship tournament, 
4. Most playdays played.

2020 Memorial Cup Teams

                   Debbie MacDonald - Captain                                           Terry Widmer - Captain

In 2003, after the death of long time DW member and USGA rules official Betsy Clifford, DW and the men’s comparable group, DDGA wanted to play a tournament together to honor Betsy and Chuck Ashmore (who had also recently passed). The Ashmore/Clifford Cup was born. It was played women vs. men for three years.

The logistics became increasingly difficult, so in 2006, our DW ladies played a year-end Solheim style match play event called the Clifford Cup. Ladies had to earn their way on to the teams based on participation and performance, so it was quite an honor to play. When Lettie Moore, another long-time member died, we added her name to the competition. 

In 2011, after losing Chris Braatz and Lifetime Member Carrie Barbee, the Board agreed that to honor our departed friends, we would rename the competition the Memorial Cup and play a tournament in honor of our golfing friends who are no longer with us.  Names Listed on the Memorial Cup are:  Betsy Clifford, Lettie Moore, Anne Cawston, Wanda Gregory, Christine Braatz, Carrie Barbee, Annamae Paettie, Barbara Casey, Parthene Holstrom, Lynda Martin, Jan Coleman, Deb Witry, Jettie Sams, Gay Schleicher.